Rental Agreement

The renter on the attached contract agrees to the following rules:

  1. All decorations INSIDE and OUTSIDE will be removed before leaving.
  2. All tacks, staples, tape, etc. will be removed from walls, ceiling and tables. This includes both INSIDE and OUTSIDE.
  3. All tables both INSIDE and OUTSIDE are to be cleared of food, drinks, decorations, tablecloths. Folding chairs are to be folded and placed on top of the table.
  4. The white plastic tables and chairs used on the patio are to be brought inside. (Yes, the tables do fit through the door without taking the legs off)
  5. If you or someone in your party including the DJ move tables outside, they are responsible for bringing them back inside.
  6. The renter is responsible for any damages done to flower gardens and/or lawn areas. This includes damage to bricks, irrigation system and potted plants.
  7. All trash needs to be placed in plastic bags. If extra bags are needed, they can be found in closet under the stairs. There is also a broom and dustpan there for emergencies and/or clean-ups. The renter is also liable for cleanup of any food that has been thrown on the walls and chairs. Bagged trash is to be put in trash receptacles at west end of patio.
  8. Outdoor music must be kept to an acceptable level. This building is located in a neighborhood, and they WILL CALL THE POLICE if things get too loud.
  9. During warm weather, kegs of beer are to be kept outside due to the problem of moisture condensing on the tubs and spreading across the indoor floors.
  10. The kitchen is to be left in the condition you found it, with clean counters, clean sinks. All food/drinks must be removed from refrigerator. We do NOT furnish cups, plates, silverware etc.
  11. If microwave is used, please wipe it out when done.
  12. Empty and rinse coffee pots, if used.
  13. The storeroom in back of the kitchen will be locked.
  14. When you are ready to leave, call the number posted by the phone about 15 minutes before you leave. A Robidoux Row staff member will come and lock up and set the alarm. DO NOT LEAVE the premises until the staff member arrives.
  15. We are responsible for cleaning the floor of normal debris. More than normal is the responsibility of the renter.
  16. Smoking is permitted outside only.
  17. DEPOSITS WILL BE RETURNED ONLY AFTER THE ENTIRE PREMISES HAVE BEEN INSPECTED. (Probably the day after the party.) REMEMBER: the contract you signed states that the renter is responsible for leaving the Row in the condition in which you found it. Late closing charges will be deducted from the deposit. If you have no deposit, then you will be billed for late closings.
  18. If you have questions or special circumstances, please call to discuss them before your party. (232-5861)

ROBIDOUX ROW 3rd and Poulin PO Box 246 St. Joseph, MO 64502